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COVID19 Alert Statement

Jason The Mortgage Doctor recognizes that the COVID-19 virus is creating unprecedented challenging circumstances for everyone. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure the health and safety of our clients and partners alike.

Please remember to continue the necessary prescribed rules to help flatten or eliminate this curve.

Please practice the following:

  • Maintain social distancing standards (6 feet minimum) including when re-opening stages begin
  • Frequently wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds
  • Only go out if it is a necessity (essentials like groceries and medicines)
  • Follow the federal and provincial guidelines
  • Contact TeleHealth Ontario if you feel you are showing symptoms. They will guide you accordingly
  • Stay Safe and Stay at Home!

If you are suffering from financial distress, please contact Jason The Mortgage Doctor so we can assess your situation and provide you with your personalized options.

ATTN FIRST RESPONDERS/EMERGENCY (All Medical, Paramedics, Fire, Police, Essential Services)

In an effort to thank you for your dedicated service to help our communities be safe, please contact Jason The Mortgage Doctor for your financial needs. All valid First Responders/Emergency staff will be exempt from a broker fee you ordinarily may be charged for service (if it applies). In addition, part of each service will be donated back to your respective professions to help with necessities to keep you all safe and sane until further notice. Once again thank you for your dedicated service to our communities!

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